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Jan 6, 2008
More accessories


I recently added some other items (non jewelries) like winter hats, scarfes, and even a purse to Princess Beadies collections! As a part of my new year resolution to learn new things every day, I found my self eager to learn other crafting activities like sewing, crocheting, scrapbooking and card-making.

I'm planning to open a new store for handmade cards with affordable price. Please check it our later, I'll announce here when it's ready. I'm so into card-making now. I'm starting to collect different stuff like puncher, cardstocks, cute ribbons, scrapbooking papers, etc. But dont worry, I'm still doing beading. As for the beading, I think I will create more pieces with motifs & themes,  still using fire czech & swarovski crystals.

Bad news, I have to disable the listing for some watches! *sigh* I couldnt believe that my supplier is no longer carry the watch face! I was soo disappointed that I had to reject some orders coming either from my friends or my customers. Last Christmas, I had to apologize to some customers since I couldnt create their orders. I am so sorry  everyone. I will try ordering online. Hopefully I could find  high quality watch faces.

Ok! I gotta go to bed now :) I went skiing this morning, and I was soooo tired since I fell so many times throughout the lesson *embarrassed*


Posted at 09:50 pm by PrincessLidz
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Jun 24, 2007
Summer is here!


Since my mom is here, we've been busy doing some sewing works. It's fun! My mom is making a summer dress for me. We've been having fun hunting some cotton fabrics at the Local Craft store (or even Walmart!) and as of today my mom has made a blue sun dress and a skirt! Lovely!

I'm stilll doing beading. I'm doing lots of necklaces. It's summer time! I recycled some of broken necklaces  and created new ones with "natural" theme. Back to nature! Please visit my online store for more info.

Oh! A customer wrote me an email saying that she likes my  handmade watches (which I really appreciate her compliment, thanks Julie! Big Smile) . She even features my watches on her wedding website. Please visit this shop.. Everything there is beautiful & lovely.


Til next time. I hope you guys have a very very pleasant summer!

Posted at 07:55 pm by PrincessLidz
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May 26, 2007

Hi, long time no update this blog. Sorry. I've been busy with other stuff; my online store, job, house chores, etc  Big SmileMy mom is here, she'll stay for 3 months (hopefully). While she is here, she has been helping me making  lots of necklaces & earrings. Also, good news is she has brought lots & lots of arcylic beads. We've been having fun creating summer necklaces! Check it out  my online store:

www. princessbeadies.etsy.com

Last week I've my order delivered. I finally made my official postcards to promote my online store, in addition to my 'business card'.

Check this out. Please drop some lines on the message box below , if you would like to have this postcard sent to your address. Please leave your valid mailing address.

Front side


Business Card


Posted at 10:54 pm by PrincessLidz
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Mar 18, 2006
WATCHES fever!

Pfffhhh.. this week has been so hectic. Got several orders for these watches from my hubby's workmates. I had to work extra just to finish these on time. But at the end, I'm happy & very much contented. I just love Swarovski Crystals. They are pretty & sparkly.

These watches are carefully handmade using Genuine Austrian Crystals aka Swarovski, and some using Czech Fire Polished Crystals, finished by silver clasps. They are very high quality. I dont usually use plastic or glass beads to ensure the quality.

Finished products:

(+)Enlarge                          (+)Enlarge

(+)Enlarge                          (+)Enlarge

(+)Enlarge                         (+)Enlarge

(+)Enlarge                      (+)Enlarge

(+)Enlarge                     (+)Enlarge

(+)Enlarge                         (+)Enlarge

Anyone interested in ordering these watches, you are most welcome to email me at: princessbeadies@yahoo.com. Free shipping!! More colors to come! (The next project is gold, blue & amethyst color).

Package comes with a maroon organza bag, and free earrings!


Posted at 10:50 pm by PrincessLidz

Dec 3, 2005
earrings & holiday projects

Wanna try this earrings project. It is spider earrings! I think it's cute & easy, and perfect for Halloween :)


And found this link for holiday projects, all projects are cute. It will keep me busy throughout this holiday season:


Posted at 10:14 pm by PrincessLidz

Nov 28, 2005
New project

I just got back from Australia, attending my sister's wedding. Well, I'm happy that my sister finally married the man of her dream.

I had a chance to meet my mom there, and we talked about "making" a home business of jewelries in Indonesia. My mom will be the one who markets the jewelries, and I'll be the creator & the supplier ^_^ I get so excited and can't wait to create my own design. At least I can help my mom to have her small business to kill her spare times. I'm sure my mom will be excited too.

Oh! Christmas is coming! I found this project... eazy & cute. I'll make this for a Christmas gift:


Posted at 12:51 am by PrincessLidz

Oct 29, 2005
Review- Red Rose Necklace

I got the necklace today!!  I can't believe, it arrived so quick.

The package is neat and cute. It comes with a silver box and a transparent lid.  The moment I saw the necklace, I was like.... WOW! I love it! The three roses are just perfect match with the leaf designs.  What I like the most is the one rose hanging as main pendant, it's just so pretty! I have worn it with my red gown.. and ... it's just a perfect match. Even my husband loves it.:)

However the clasp does not really do a good job. It's a little bit hard to hook the chain. But it can be replaced by a lobster clasp. So no biggie! :)) I still love the necklace.

For me, I recommend this necklace for those who loves the simplicity but yet romantic. This is just so cute. 



Posted at 10:44 pm by PrincessLidz
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Oct 23, 2005
Cool & affordable jewelries

I was just browsing thru some jewelries online store, and I found this neat site. They have plenty of cool & pretty jewelries, very affordable ,all is under $10!! Wow!! I was so amazed looking at the high quality items but yet are offered in a very affordable price. They also have a free offer! WOW !!!

Check this out: http://www.jewelryluv.com/fashion/ 

I'm hoping to receive an item soon (see below), so I'll write the full review soon.

*Item ordered:

Fabulous Artistic Red Rose Necklace

This is a necklace of your dreams - a BEAUTIFUL artistic and delicate red rose necklace. This necklace is definitely perfect for a social event with your gorgeous dress. This is a necklace that you will receive many compliments on!


There are three red roses and it is worth noting that the necklace features a leaf design. The rose comes with a rich red which is just simply beautiful.

I just can't wait to wear this necklace with my red gown that my husband bought me for our engagement party. It would be perfect! ^_^

Posted at 01:19 am by PrincessLidz
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Oct 17, 2005
Swarovski Watches

I love swarovski crystals.
These watches are carefully handmade with the materials as follows:

- Designer Metal Sliders (featuring Swarovski Crystal)
- Czech fire-polished crystal
- Toggle Clasp
- Geneva watch face

Click for larger images

I'm going to put these on sale for $19.99 for introductory price. Soon to be $29.99. ***FREE SHIPPING***I got several orders already and I gave them the introductory prices. The materials are a bit expensive considering using high quality materials. Any one interested, pls use contact link at the left side. More design & colors coming soon!

Posted at 12:00 am by PrincessLidz
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Oct 16, 2005
Animal Kingdom

I came up with this idea when I saw a movie showing a young girl wearing a cute butterfly pin made from seedbeads. So.. I tried to figure out how to create a pin with animal theme..
After flipping thru several Beads magazines, I got the inspiration of making a DRAGONFLY pin!!
Here it is... the materials are glass seedbeads (dark & light green. & crystal white) alternated with pipe beads for the body. I think it turned out OK :)

The next project is a necklace. I got the pendant when I bought  a pair of jeans. It is a leopard! So cute!! I just attached it to a black string and clasped with a lobster clasp and 2 inches chain.


Posted at 06:18 pm by PrincessLidz
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